PROCESS STORY / raphia & crochet



We really wanted to talk to you a little about this magical fiber that is raffia. We can often read in the descriptions on the Internet or in some shops “straw bag”, nooo it is NOT straw! And in our workshop it’s our flagship product. We love it and if it is so present in our collections, it is because it is raw and natural. It also showcases one of the values that we defend: the slow process.

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“Cruising with Ivahona” / Playlist #1


Music trip with our first home made playlist. Sexy, salty & cool !

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His face and name are probably familiar to you. Popular for some years, Guillaume Néry is a real star of his discipline: “constant weight” free diving. The principle is simple but creepy: diving as deep as possible by the strength of your arms and legs.

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